Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Latest News from Lofty Heights

Lofty Heights is proud to present it's second published Newsletter for November 2012. We have lots of information for you, including an update of our latest news, fantastic quotes from our treasured customers and a great opportunity for young people to have professional cooking lessons absolutely FREE! There's also a link in the newsletter to view our Lofty Heights video, to view it just click on the following link. 

  To receive a copy of our second newsletter in PDF format please contact us from our website: http://www.lofty-heights.org/contact_lofty_heights.html

Friday, 12 October 2012


Our first testimonial  from a satisfied customer below, makes the months of planning, negotiation, late nights and  hard decisions all  worthwhile.

“I can’t thank Olive and her Lofty Heights team enough for the fantastic work they did in my loft. From start to finish the Lofty Heights crew were professional, courteous and efficient making sure that I was happy with what they were doing at all stages.

I was not in a position to clear my loft myself both because of the access to the space and because of the weight of the boxes so the service Lofty Heights offered was a real life saver. The Lofty Heights crew motored through the work quickly, working excellently as a team together. 

They were punctual, efficient, trustworthy and reliable, clearing my loft with care and consideration. I was delighted to see all my items again, which they neatly stacked up for me and they left the loft in a clean and clear state. I would not hesitate to recommend Lofty Heights to anyone who wants their loft cleared in a sensitive, considerate and efficient way.”

 If you know of friends, neighbours or relatives who need help to empty their lofts for any reason 
make sure you tell them about Lofty Heights. 

see  www.lofty-heights.org for more information 

Monday, 13 August 2012

We have a Job

We have a Job.......

Lots has been happening at Lofty Heights. The Team is recruited and we have started to empty lofts.
The first was an interesting job requiring all five crew members to be involved emptying a loft of polybeads, little polystyrene balls the type you would find in a bean bag. Imagine the mess when one of those bursts, not think about a loft full of them. The team put all their health and safety, customer service and equality and diversity training  into practice on this job and worked hard to complete the job in two days much to the delight of the customer, who is a carer. We received a lovely thank you letter and news that one week on she has had her loft insulated. She is now looking forward to a warmer, cosier home and smaller heating bills this winter as a result.

If you know of anyone who would like to have their loft emptied please tell them  to look Lofty Heights up at  www.lofty-heights.org and give us a call.


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

We want to Learn

Lofty Heights training commenced today with a group of 12 young people keen to work.

As a start-up business Lofty Heights will (sadly) only have three  positions available at the offset. Once candidates have completed the month long training formal interviews will be held to find the most suitable candidates for the positions. However, the skills acquired on our training course will be transferable and will hopefully help these young people stand out against their peers in future competition for job roles.

Surely Lofty Heights is not the only new business that sees the individual and societal benefits of giving young people a chance of a job.

If your company has any opportunities please let me know and I will pass your details on to the young people I have contact with; You may be pleasantly surprised by the skills and energy they have to offer.

I look forward to hearing from you........

Thursday, 7 June 2012

We Want To Work

We Want to Work

The application forms received for the Lofty Heights training programmes have unquestionably provided me with a privileged insight into the lives, and challenges, of a diverse group of young men, many of whom I have had the privilege of meeting in the past ten days.

Invitations were issued by the local Job Centre for an information session organised to explain the ethos of Lofty Heights and to inform prospective candidates about the training and job opportunities that are available.

The ideal Lofty Heights crew members are expected to be honest, trustworthy, hard working and flexible with a ‘give-it-a-go’ attitude driving them to learn new skills. We want to create a team who are prepared to work hard helping other people and will get satisfaction knowing they have contributed to a job well done.

Throughout the application process I was struck by the openness of the candidates and, on several occasions, the brave honesty of those who had the courage to admit they had difficulty with literacy. Having the confidence to divulge this information has allowed us to identify the needs of applicants and offer additional support to potential candidates.

Despite the difficulties that arise from low level literacy, these candidates demonstrated their eagerness to work and their abilities in other areas; one candidate had even taught himself the complex mechanics of stripping an engine by watching others at work! The overwhelming message being conveyed by these young people was that they want to work, they want to challenge themselves but, more often then not, they are overlooked. 

After a successful and inspiring information day I was delighted to inform twelve applicants that they had gained a place on the Lofty Heights training programme. The four week course will cover Health and Safety, Customer Service, Equality and Diversity, as well as practical training. All twelve candidates were truly delighted at having been selected. It is a credit to their positive attitudes and I look forward to working with them over the coming weeks

It is a pleasure for me to see the start of this new business having a positive impact on so many young people’s lives. I hope that as Lofty Heights grows and develops this positivity will spread, inspire and unify all those involved.
A text message received from one of the successful applicants, ‘thank you for giving me a chance…you won’t regret it’, sums up the ethos that motivates this social enterprise.
So, if you have a loft that needs emptying contact us today….We want to work, and you won’t regret it!

Friday, 18 May 2012


The recent unveiling of the Lofty Heights website has brought many positive comments. Amongst them, ‘What a brilliant title for a social enterprise!  Suits you splendidly always ‘aiming for the stars’.  Congratulations. David .

Fantastic! Well done for getting it set up Olive and for being brave and going for it! I wish you loads of luck. Tom.

Why Lofty Heights?
Personally I hate being cold. It grieves me to think of people being cold unnecessarily, especially when there are lots of opportunities to make your home warm and cosy. There are loads of low cost or even free insulation opportunities available for the time being. So why let a full loft stop you taking advantage?  Lofty Heights will take away the ‘hassle factor’ something   referred to recently by David Cameron, as a reason why people won’t empty their lofts

It also grieves me to see so many young people unemployed. Something can be done about these issues. So why not Lofty Heights